International Courses(G30)

International Courses

Our governmnet has started the G30 project, which is aming at establishing core universites for Intenationalization. Kyoto University has been designated as one of the core universities for G30, and is now implementing the project under the thema K.U.Profile. Several graduate schools and a faculty are joining K.U.Profile and now improving the environment that supports foreign students to join and study in Kyoto University, for promoting international collaboration. The Graduate School of Informatics is a member of KUPROFILE. We are now preparing to set International courses in three departments. The International courses offer new lectures provided in English, and provides some of the existing lectures and seminars in English as well. The courses will allow students to acquire master and doctoral degrees only with English. English guidance is also now available in the administration office to assist students. We are expecting many students should be attracted by the international courses, and strongly wishing they would try joining our graduate school.


Intelligence Science and Technology

Welcome Message

We welcome students with a strong interest in intelligent technologies to join us and contribute to the culture of innovation, self-guided learning and scientific curiosity which constitute the hallmark of our department. Our international program provides students with courses taught in English; seminars that result in frequent interactions with world-class visiting researchers from all continents; an active research supervision aiming at the highest standards of international research. Our ultimate goal is to help students draw a global career pathway and publicize their research achievements to the widest possible audience.

Social Informatics

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Our societies now depend on informatics to function smoothly, and advances in information technologies are constantly creating new possibilities for people to interact with each other, when working, socialising, in entertainment and education, and when collaborating to address pressing social problems. The international course in Social Informatics provides a broad foundation for specialised research in this rapidly developing area at the intersection of social, cultural, and information systems. Our program attracts people from different cultures who are eager to pursue independent research toward the benefit of society. While much of our work is in applied research, we ensure students have the opportunity to conduct primary research and engage in the discovery process according to their interests. We would like to invite creative, innovative students who are interested in taking new research directions and wish to study in international environment.

Adam Jatowt

Communications and Computer Engineering

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Our courses will attract students from various backgrounds and interests. All of the computers, interfaces, and networks that the general public use depend on algorithms of one type or another. As the sophistication and complexity of end-user applications increases, the algorithmic problems to be solved become extremely difficult. Many of our students will be interested in research concerning end-user level and technology-based communities. However, in order to develop new and more intelligent applications, they will need a thorough knowledge of the ever evolving and improving algorithmic methods available to them. The goal of our courses is to provide this knowledge in a rich environment where international students and Japanese students fully interact. Other universities in Japan have international programs of one form or another, but none come close to the breadth and depth of the programs offered by the Graduate School of Informatics at Kyoto University.

Francois Le Gall
Associate Professor