International Courses


Three departments of the Graduate School of Informatics, namely, the Department of Intelligence Science and Technology, Department of Social Informatics, and Department of Communications and Computer Engineering, have an International Course in their curriculum.
Students of the International Course are taught in English, receive guidance in English from their supervisors, and acquire Master’s and Doctoral degrees exclusively in English.
These programs are open both to international and domestic students.


The curriculum was established at the Graduate School of Informatics after Kyoto University was designated as one of the hub university for the Project for Establishing Core Universities for Internationalization (Global 30/G30), which was launched in 2009 by MEXT.

The purpose of the G30 program was to cultivate top-notch individuals who would play an active role in the global arena by providing development opportunities through friendly competition with international students. Participating universities were called upon to provide quality education according to their respective functions and to create an environment that makes it easier for international students to study in Japan. To this end, the G30 program assisted Japan’s leading universities in their efforts to create a hub of internationalization, including the development of a system in which degree courses can be offered entirely in English, improvement of the environment to accept international students, and promotion of strategic international cooperation.

Departments offering the International Course

– Department of Intelligence Science and Technology (WEB)
– Department of Social Informatics (WEB)
– Department of Communications and Computer Engineering (WEB)

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