Application Status/Announcement of Successful Applicants

Application Status (As of July, 2022)

Application for April 2023 admission of master's program has been closed.
Numbers of applications of each department are as follows:

– Intelligence Science and Technology: 94
– Social Informatics: 78
– Advanced Mathematical Sciences: 32
– Applied Mathematics and Physics: 33
– Systems Science: 61
– Communications and Computer Engineering: 63

Announcement of Successful Applicants

Currently, we have no announcement.

Successful candidates who need to have visa and Certificate of Eligibility, CoE for entering/staying in Japan, please visit and read the carefully following pages first. If necessary, please contact your laboratory.

– Visa and life in Japan
– Certificate of Eligibility

Please refer to “Application Group Guide” for contact information.

Providing the Entrance Examinations score of the Master’s program

We will provide the entrance examination score of master’s program upon examinee’s request.
If you wish the score, please read and follow the procedures at the link below within the request period.

Request the Entrance Examinations score of the Master’s program